Everyone has a different appetite and we will always ensure we provide good nutritious food that is both healthy and enjoyable. All our meals are prepared daily using fresh ingredients. We are more than happy to accommodate particular requests for a single occasion or as part of a permanent change to the menu.

A variety of snacks, soups, yoghurts and fresh fruit complimented by an assortment of hot and cold drinks are always available alongside homemade cakes!

Our dedicated cooks will ensure that any identified dietary needs are catered for. This can range from soft, ground, pureed or thickened diets in line with the IDDSI framework (International Dysphagia Diet Standardaisation Initiatiave).

Individuals will always have the choice to dine in private with the option of assistance or with others as part of an informal social occasion. We are always happy to accomodate family members if individuals wish to invite for a meal.